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Eierlikoer or egg liqueur can be bought in fine Liquor stores here in the USA and the shelf life of this product will exceed that of the home made, but there is something to be said about the home produced kind.

First follow this link to our recipe which was handed down to us by Uncle Henry and is still made in our house in his memory for the Christmas Holidays.

It is said, that it goes back to a refreshing drink named “Abacate” which was made with avocados in Brazil, in Europe this was mixed with sugar and Rum and sold under the name “Advocaat”. During a shortage of avocados in the year 1876 a Dutch distiller living in Germany replaced them with egg yolks and generated the drink which can now be purchased all over Germany.

Comparing the commercial one with our own, I would say ours is creamier, richer, I would even call it more decadent and it definitely can not be included in a low calorie diet.

As this recipe contains raw egg yolks and with the nowadays common fear of salmonella we tried to change and make it with pasteurized yolks which, again, in our humble opinion, changed the end product.

Taste testing with our friends and neighbors we came to the conclusion that all of us preferred the raw yolk product better and up to now we never had any health problems, maybe the alcohol takes care of it, who knows.

So with a heartily “Prosit” we wish you all the best things possible for 2012!

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