Meet our Contributors

In this section we will try to introduce the people as they sign up to contribute

About H.-G.:

During my visits to Bavaria, he shares with me many of the places he knows about. I have discovered through him sights well worth seeing but not in any guidebooks, restaurants, some quite a bit out of the way with some really delectable dishes on their menu. He also introduced me to customs and traditions I had not heard of before, some interesting, some historic and festivals which were always a lot of fun to participate in.

Like me he enjoys good food, especially at decent prices, he fancies good beer and knows his way around the area. We were never disappointed with any of his choices of restaurants when we went out to eat together. Also when invited to dinner at his house we usually ask for the recipe of the dish(es) his wife serves us. They are really that good. You can find one of her Schnitzel recipes at Inge’s Kitchen and judge for yourself.

About Werner:

He grew up in Bavaria, lives in Northern Germany now but still goes back to visit quite often, you might not see too many articles from him in this blog but he is still a big contributor and without him our Bavarian food section of would not exist. Try his Sauerkraut Soup Recipe, it is always a big hit with guests at our house.

About Inge:

She is the Inge behind Inge’s Kitchen, need I say more?