Kirchweih commemorates the anniversary of the consecration of the local church. This festival has many dialect variations from the Swiss “Kilbi/Chilbi” to “Kermes” along parts of the Rhine to the Franken “Kerwa”. Kirchweih is in many German towns and villages, … Continue reading


There is no single English translation, so here is my attempt to explain it. Gemütlichkeit is the feeling when you experience good times, among good friends and acquaintances, relaxed and excited at the same time, some local beer, food and … Continue reading

Bavaria and the USA

.Bavaria is alive and well here in the USA! . .Many of the things which are very common to us do find their way back to Bavaria. As the spaghetti did not originate in Italy, but is completely associated and … Continue reading

Are you a Bayer?

Even if this will not influence in any way your political rights and does not have any practical uses anymore except maybe as part of your pride, the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria (page 4) from 1946 still … Continue reading

The Dirndl and the Lederhosen

If you think of Bavaria, pictures of girls dressed in Dirndls and guys in Lederhos’n come to mind. So before I started this blog I wrote an article on my “Things Bavarian” webpages about the subject of “Why they dress … Continue reading

The Bierdeckel or Bierfilz:

The Bierdeckel or Bierfilz The cardboard disk that accompanies your beer or even soft drink is not a stale, flat tasting cookie to keep you from getting drunk (was tried often, without success) but it was originally used as a … Continue reading

The Stammtisch

The Stammtisch, a Place and/or an Occasion! The Place: Every respectable beer hall or restaurant serving beer in Bavaria is home to a table called the “Stammtisch”. It is a table very often round in shape, reserved for a group … Continue reading

Bavarian Festivals & Traditions

Every country in this world is rich with their customs and rituals and celebrates them with festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals, ranging from ancient to modern, are a fun way to meet the locals and get to … Continue reading

Eisbock, the strongest of the Bavarian Strongs

This supposedly happened during the Winter of 1890. A brewery worker in Kulmbach forgot to bring in a barrel of bock beer during a very cold winter’s night. Naturally the beer froze and split the barrel wide open. The Brew … Continue reading