Bavaria, Regional Dishes

The Frankenland or Franconia, which are 3 regions in Bavaria’s northern part and, yes, the pioneers who settled in Frankenmuth, Michigan came from there, has many regional specialties not so common in the regions south of the River Danube.  As … Continue reading

Blockhuette Selb

  Reuthstr. 21 95100 Selb In the center of the Community Gardens of the Garden Club Rosenthal is the restaurant Blockhuette Selb. You found me there during a family reunion of our German clan last year. Used to the American/Michigan … Continue reading

Reiterstueberl, Grosswendern

During my last visit in the region for a family reunion, my oldest sister and her husband invited my younger sister and me for supper at the Reiterstüberl, Großwendern. This place will not be listed in your commercial travel guides, … Continue reading

Schade’s Schmankerl Stubn Vielitz

Vielitz 7 95100 Selb Like many of the places I try to feature, this one, located in a small village is also hard to find, but the food offered here is worth a visit. Monday evening, vacation time, with many … Continue reading

Restaurant NA PATĔ

Nebesa 1 352 01 Aš, Czech Republik I try to concentrate on Bavaria, but once in a while there is a Restaurant close by, that deserves mentioning. This restaurant is definitely one of them. I omitted to take pictures as … Continue reading

Rauhe Schaenke, Schoenlind

Schoenlind 23 95111 Rehau Less than 500 feet away from where the world was literally nailed shut during the Cold War there is a restaurant which, after being also “boarded up” for over 40 years, reopened under new management a … Continue reading

Wirtshaus Wolffenzacher, Bayreuth

Posted on February 16, 2015 by H.-G. at In the pedestrian zone at the Sternplatz in the center of Bayreuth is the location of the Wirtshaus Wolffenzacher with a tradition going back to the 16th century. The proprietor and … Continue reading

A Franken Schäufala

Schäufele or Schäufala is a common dish in large parts of Southern Germany and Switzerland. In the Baden and Switzerland area it is described as what we used to sell in our store in Michigan as a boiled Cottage Ham. … Continue reading

Historische Wurstkuchl, Regensburg

Historische Wurstkuchl Thundorferstraße 3 93047 Regensburg Original post by H.-G. in Bayrisches Allerei Regensburg, (lat. Ratisbona) is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Located along the Danube river it was a Roman settlement right after the time that Christ … Continue reading

Flashmob in Bavaria

In a recent email from a friend I received a link to a flashmob Bavarian style which I would like to share. The performers are a group of guys from different areas of the German language regions in Europe who … Continue reading