Restaurant NA PATĔ

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Nebesa 1
352 01 Aš, Czech Republik

I try to concentrate on Bavaria, but once in a while there is a Restaurant close by, that deserves mentioning. This restaurant is definitely one of them. I omitted to take pictures as I did not think at that time that I would include this Restaurant here.
Located under 5 km from the German border in Wildenau, this is well worth a dinner visit.
On my last visit they upgraded my car and I was not allowed to take it into the Czech Republic, so we jumped at the opportunity when my nephew volunteered to take us there. This had one more positive side to it as, with me not driving, I could enjoy a beer or two (There is zero tolerance for DUI here).

The rustic ambiance of the restaurant in a former farm is very inviting. Their German website claims first class Bohemian Cuisine and I have to agree 100%. Nice size portions, perfectly seasoned and prepared, add friendly service and at a prize, where you can afford to spring for dinner for your friends, makes this well worth the extra side trip to drive here.

On a warm sunny day sitting in the old re-purposed barn and enjoying your meal gives this a special flair.

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