Flashmob in Bavaria

In a recent email from a friend I received a link to a flashmob Bavarian style which I would like to share. The performers are a group of guys from different areas of the German language regions in Europe who … Continue reading

Eisbock, the strongest of the Bavarian Strongs

This supposedly happened during the Winter of 1890. A brewery worker in Kulmbach forgot to bring in a barrel of bock beer during a very cold winter’s night. Naturally the beer froze and split the barrel wide open. The Brew … Continue reading

A Bavarian story:

Ein Bayer sitzt am Ufer des Starnberger Sees und fischt, ein Engländer fällt ins Wasser und schreit “Help, help”. Der Bayer ruft zurück: “Schwimma hätt’ns lerna soll’n anstatt Englisch”. Same story Americanized: A Hillbilly sits at the lake fishing, a … Continue reading

The Beer and the Pope legend

An old Starkbier (Strong beer) legend states, that the Bavarian monks subsidized their fasting with a specially brewed strong beer (liquid bread). This was accepted within the Catholic Church only after obtaining the permission from the Pope. So, many years … Continue reading

The 15th century method for testing beer.

Freshly brewed beer was poured on an Oak bench. The official testers, usually 4 of them, actually sat in it for a couple of hours and if they could get up without the bench sticking to them the beer was … Continue reading