Kirchweih commemorates the anniversary of the consecration of the local church. This festival has many dialect variations from the Swiss “Kilbi/Chilbi” to “Kermes” along parts of the Rhine to the Franken “Kerwa”. Kirchweih is in many German towns and villages, … Continue reading

Home Base Schoenwald, Bavaria

Our Second Floor Gartenstrasse Condo is ready for your Vacation. To explore the Center of Europe there is nothing more convenient than our Condo in the small, quiet town of Schoenwald. Our Condo is off-the-beaten-track and quiet, but in the … Continue reading


It is a fact that the first and true Oktoberfest is celebrated annually in Munich and as the time draws near many cities, clubs and other organizations try to cash in on it’s popularity. The day is October 17. 1810, … Continue reading

Franken Wine and Meter Bratwurst

This article is dedicated to the nice people at the VGem Kitzingen, the official association of five villages around the city of Kitzingen. In my article Bratwurst Mecca Franken I used some pictures from local, mostly German, websites and trying … Continue reading

Tourist magnets:

Many of the locations in Bavaria are famous world wide and be it for their beauty, magnitude or history have to be included in a visit to this region. We call them the tourist magnets, as these really draw the … Continue reading

Osterbrunnen – Easter Fountains

¬†As Easter is approaching, so is the annual tradition of decorating the wells and fountains. The history of decorating the local fountains with flowers goes back to pagan times and was done in spring to appease the spirit of the … Continue reading

Bavarian Festivals & Traditions

Every country in this world is rich with their customs and rituals and celebrates them with festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals, ranging from ancient to modern, are a fun way to meet the locals and get to … Continue reading

Bierland Franken

The world over Bavaria is associated with beer but the records are from a small area not many people heard of: Franken Bierland Franken: Franken or Franconia is divided into 3 regions, Upper, Lower and Middle. All of Franken is … Continue reading

The other Side of Bavaria

The Bavaria you should not miss! Aside from all the amazing places which are listed in every guidebook and overrun by busses and tourists, there is another side to this beautiful region, may be not as famous but just as … Continue reading

Why visit Bavaria:

Through movies, documentaries and even on the History channel, Bavaria is often mentioned and immediately brings to mind; beer, mountains, yodeling, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. Besides the famous tourist magnets, there are so many diverse places, things and occasions, that it … Continue reading