Gasthaus “Zum Zabelstein” Steinmetz, Wohnau

submitted by H.-G. The tiny hamlet of Wohnau (population around 100) is situated at the foot of the Zabelstein, one of the mountains in the Steigerwald range. From the observation tower on top of this mountain you could say “on … Continue reading

Bratwurst Mecca Franken

If there would be such a thing as a pilgrimage site for Bratwurst and Bier, the Northern Bavarian region called Franken would definitely be it. I wrote about the beer of this region in a previous article so here we … Continue reading

Our featured Restaurants

The first reason for the restaurant category in this blog is to introduce you to eating establishments which we and our contributors consider well worth a visit. This will include places which might show up in the esteemed Michelin restaurant … Continue reading

Bierland Franken

The world over Bavaria is associated with beer but the records are from a small area not many people heard of: Franken Bierland Franken: Franken or Franconia is divided into 3 regions, Upper, Lower and Middle. All of Franken is … Continue reading