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The first reason for the restaurant category in this blog is to introduce you to eating establishments which we and our contributors consider well worth a visit. This will include places which might show up in the esteemed Michelin restaurant guide and these probably are in the middle to upper price class.

But discovering and introducing the many establishments which are off the beaten track and have an exceptional portion/price ratio with quality standards that come up to our expectations is the main purpose for this section.

We are talking about the places out in small villages, which have their own farm, their own brewery or their own fish hatchery, the places which make their own sausage or even have their own bakery or distillery. They might not have a renowned 4 star chef working there, but their cook(s) know(s) how to prepare a good meal and you should not leave there hungry. Places where the menu might be a little limited but the few dishes they serve are favorites of the locals.

We try to introduce you to cozy and rustic restaurants decorated in the ways typically for the area featuring the local specialties and some of the many beer gardens, where you can relax and enjoy a nice sunny afternoon.

We also will try to familiarize you with ways to save on your food bill to make your stay a little more affordable, especially considering the exchange rate of today’s US Dollar.

With this in mind we also have to point out some of the “quirks” you might encounter which you might find odd or are not familiar with. But like the saying goes “When in “Bavaria” do as the “Bavarians” do, sorry I think I mistook the nationality, it might have been said about the Romans. So in the next article “Bavarian Restaurants 101” I will try to point out some of these differences.

We are proud of what this region has to offer and want to make your visit there enjoyable and exciting.



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