Bavaria, Regional Dishes

The Frankenland or Franconia, which are 3 regions in Bavaria’s northern part and, yes, the pioneers who settled in Frankenmuth, Michigan came from there, has many regional specialties not so common in the regions south of the River Danube.  As … Continue reading

A Franken Schäufala

Schäufele or Schäufala is a common dish in large parts of Southern Germany and Switzerland. In the Baden and Switzerland area it is described as what we used to sell in our store in Michigan as a boiled Cottage Ham. … Continue reading

Schnitzel, a Bavarian Favorite

This posts should not only be considered Bavarian, but is in my opinion relevant in all German speaking areas, communities and also individual homes. The most famous here would be the “Wiener Schnitzel” (Viennese Cutlet) which could be the original … Continue reading

Berggaststätte Lieberhof, Tegernsee

submitted by H.G. Overlooking the city of Tegernsee is the Berggasthof Lieberhof with an almost millenium old history. It started as the farm of the former Tegernsee Abbey which was established in the 8th century. The fantastic panoramic view from the … Continue reading

Schnitzel in Cream Sauce

Every time we stay in Bavaria we are always invited to a friend’s house for dinner. The meals his wife Heidi prepares for these occasions can only be described as “heavenly”. She makes the best Liver Dumpling Soup I ever … Continue reading

Bratwurst Mecca Franken

If there would be such a thing as a pilgrimage site for Bratwurst and Bier, the Northern Bavarian region called Franken would definitely be it. I wrote about the beer of this region in a previous article so here we … Continue reading

Schmankerln, the Goodies

Schmankerln The word describes the food goodies or specialties of the area and also the local ”delicacies”. The biggest misconception about this beautiful part of the world is that the food choices are very limited. Yes, we like our Schnitzel, … Continue reading

Carp is what’s on the Menu

After introducing the last two restaurants I realized that I should write about a specialty in Franken, the Carp We all heard about the invasion of the Asian Carp in our waterways and what is done to prevent them from … Continue reading

The Evolution of the Potato

The Potato in Bavarian cooking Wikipedia states that the original domesticated potato comes from Peru and was introduced by the Spaniards to Europe. I remember hearing that at first the potato plant was regarded in European courts as a flowering … Continue reading