Schnitzel, a Bavarian Favorite

This posts should not only be considered Bavarian, but is in my opinion relevant in all German speaking areas, communities and also individual homes. The most famous here would be the “Wiener Schnitzel” (Viennese Cutlet) which could be the original … Continue reading

Schnitzel in Cream Sauce

Every time we stay in Bavaria we are always invited to a friend’s house for dinner. The meals his wife Heidi prepares for these occasions can only be described as “heavenly”. She makes the best Liver Dumpling Soup I ever … Continue reading

The Food of Bavaria

The biggest misconception about Bavaria is that the food choices are very limited. Yes, we like our Schnitzel, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, but we also like Fish, Beef, Lamb, Venison, Poultry and Pork. Many types of excellent cheeses originate in Bavaria … Continue reading