Schnitzel in Cream Sauce

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Every time we stay in Bavaria we are always invited to a friend’s house for dinner. The meals his wife Heidi prepares for these occasions can only be described as “heavenly”. She makes the best Liver Dumpling Soup I ever tasted, she introduced us years ago to Ossobucco and at one of these occasions she made the “Schnitzel in Cream Sauce”.

The recipe can be found at Inge’s Kitchen

So last night we decided to make this dish for our guests. For the amount of people we served we quadrupled the recipe and served oven roasted red potatoes with it.

The great part about this recipe is that you have to make it up to two days ahead of time as it needs to marinate at least for 24 hours.

As it always is at our friend’s house, this dish was also a hit in our house. The looks of this dish might not be the greatest, but the taste of it is superb.

Now as a word of caution, this is only diet food if you just look at it and not eat it!

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