Bavaria, Regional Dishes

The Frankenland or Franconia, which are 3 regions in Bavaria’s northern part and, yes, the pioneers who settled in Frankenmuth, Michigan came from there, has many regional specialties not so common in the regions south of the River Danube.  As … Continue reading

Home Base Schoenwald, Bavaria

Our Second Floor Gartenstrasse Condo is ready for your Vacation. To explore the Center of Europe there is nothing more convenient than our Condo in the small, quiet town of Schoenwald. Our Condo is off-the-beaten-track and quiet, but in the … Continue reading

Tourist magnets:

Many of the locations in Bavaria are famous world wide and be it for their beauty, magnitude or history have to be included in a visit to this region. We call them the tourist magnets, as these really draw the … Continue reading

The other Side of Bavaria

The Bavaria you should not miss! Aside from all the amazing places which are listed in every guidebook and overrun by busses and tourists, there is another side to this beautiful region, may be not as famous but just as … Continue reading

Metzgerei Lauterbach, Kulmbach

Metzgerei Lauterbach Marktplatz 7-8 95326 Kulmbach . Located in Kulmbach right at the market place is one of the most impressive meat markets in this region, the “Metzgerei Lauterbach”. Their tremendous selection of 300 different types of sausages and luncheon … Continue reading

Why visit Bavaria:

Through movies, documentaries and even on the History channel, Bavaria is often mentioned and immediately brings to mind; beer, mountains, yodeling, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. Besides the famous tourist magnets, there are so many diverse places, things and occasions, that it … Continue reading

The Evolution of the Potato

The Potato in Bavarian cooking Wikipedia states that the original domesticated potato comes from Peru and was introduced by the Spaniards to Europe. I remember hearing that at first the potato plant was regarded in European courts as a flowering … Continue reading

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Top 10 Bavarian Castles

Hundreds of castles and ruins are located all over Bavaria and here we show you the selection of the castles we think you should not miss if you are close by. With some their appearance and setting is very impressive, … Continue reading

Inge’s Kitchen, what is it all about?

It all started trying to preserve some of my mother’s recipes for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe also later generations. So we decided to go through our cookbooks and publish some of the recipes “Oma Kaethe” was known … Continue reading