Brauerei Greifenklau, Bamberg

Brauerei Greifenklau GmbH‎ Laurenziplatz 20 96049 Bamberg 0951 53219 Bamberg, is one of the most charming cities in the region and as I already included it in my “Things Bavarian” website (click on Bamberg at the map to go there) … Continue reading

The Bierdeckel or Bierfilz:

The Bierdeckel or Bierfilz The cardboard disk that accompanies your beer or even soft drink is not a stale, flat tasting cookie to keep you from getting drunk (was tried often, without success) but it was originally used as a … Continue reading

Bavarian Festivals & Traditions

Every country in this world is rich with their customs and rituals and celebrates them with festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals, ranging from ancient to modern, are a fun way to meet the locals and get to … Continue reading

A Bavarian story:

Ein Bayer sitzt am Ufer des Starnberger Sees und fischt, ein Engländer fällt ins Wasser und schreit “Help, help”. Der Bayer ruft zurück: “Schwimma hätt’ns lerna soll’n anstatt Englisch”. Same story Americanized: A Hillbilly sits at the lake fishing, a … Continue reading

The other Side of Bavaria

The Bavaria you should not miss! Aside from all the amazing places which are listed in every guidebook and overrun by busses and tourists, there is another side to this beautiful region, may be not as famous but just as … Continue reading