Brauerei Greifenklau, Bamberg

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Brauerei Greifenklau GmbH‎
Laurenziplatz 20
96049 Bamberg
0951 53219

Bamberg, is one of the most charming cities in the region and as I already included it in my “Things Bavarian” website (click on Bamberg at the map to go there) I will not rehash that info. So let me just include a few pictures a friend of mine posted on our German language “Bayrisches Allerlei” blog before we go to the brewery.

This city, build like Rome, Italy, on seven hills, had at one time 68 Breweries of which 8 are still in existence today. Situated on one of the hills is the Brewery Greifenklau with it’s traditional Brauereigaststätte (Brewery Guest House). During the summer month you can enjoy sitting in their beer garden under the old trees and enjoy the view of the city.

Excellent beer combined with charming surroundings and mouth watering food, like the Veal Roast and Dumpling in the picture below makes a visit there a memorable occasion.




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