The “Bayrische Küche” – “Bavarian Cuisine”

The “Bayrische Küche” – “Bavarian Cuisine” This is the last article in a series of 4, starting with “What is German Cooking”   Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and Schnitzel come to mind when you think of Bavarian Cuisine. Picturing a regular Bavarian … Continue reading

The History of Bavarian Food

My Take on the History of Bavarian Food.  Article 3 of 4, starting with “What is German Cooking” and followed by article 4 “The Bayrische Küche – Bavarian Cuisine”   In this article I will give my explanation of how, … Continue reading

What is German Cooking?

What is German Cooking? the first of 4 articles, see “City foods – Country foods” next.   Before we go into Bavarian food let us first establish if there is such a thing as German Cooking. The answer in short … Continue reading

A Radler or Radlermaβ

Over the Holidays it was time again for family and friends to come over and we really enjoyed their company. Along with this came the agony of all the different drinks available and what to enjoy. For these occasions and … Continue reading

Brotzeit (bread time)

A Brotzeit is a daily Bavarian occasion and could be translated as “Bread Break”, it is usually considered the morning break between breakfast and lunch, a time for a sandwich and may be a beer. Besides, considered the time out … Continue reading

The Christmas Stollen

What is a Christmas Stollen? Germany’s age old answer to the American Fruit Cake is documented as far back as 1329 and is said to originate from the “Christbrot”, an Advent time fasting supplement for monks consisting of flour, yeast … Continue reading

Inge’s Kitchen, what is it all about?

It all started trying to preserve some of my mother’s recipes for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe also later generations. So we decided to go through our cookbooks and publish some of the recipes “Oma Kaethe” was known … Continue reading

Bavarian Beef Rouladen

Beef rouladen are a Sunday dinner and also available in many restaurants. Comparing recipes from around Germany we noticed, that different areas use different stuffing ingredients. Rouladen actually would describe any thinly sliced meats which are stuffed and rolled. We … Continue reading