Reiterstueberl, Grosswendern

During my last visit in the region for a family reunion, my oldest sister and her husband invited my younger sister and me for supper at the Reiterstüberl, Großwendern. This place will not be listed in your commercial travel guides, … Continue reading

Gasthaus “Zum Zabelstein” Steinmetz, Wohnau

submitted by H.-G. The tiny hamlet of Wohnau (population around 100) is situated at the foot of the Zabelstein, one of the mountains in the Steigerwald range. From the observation tower on top of this mountain you could say “on … Continue reading

Brotzeit (bread time)

A Brotzeit is a daily Bavarian occasion and could be translated as “Bread Break”, it is usually considered the morning break between breakfast and lunch, a time for a sandwich and may be a beer. Besides, considered the time out … Continue reading