Gasthaus “Zum Zabelstein” Steinmetz, Wohnau

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submitted by H.-G.

The tiny hamlet of Wohnau (population around 100) is situated at the foot of the Zabelstein, one of the mountains in the Steigerwald range. From the observation tower on top of this mountain you could say “on a clear day you can see forever” or at least 50 miles.

Wohnau is the home of the Häckerwirtschaft “Zum Zabelstein”. A Häckerwirtschaft is a “pub” located in a vineyard, serving their own wine and excellent “Brotzeiten”.

This vineyard has been in the possession of the Steinmetz family since 1875 and the restaurant with it’s beer/wine garden is considered a local “secret”, as too many patrons already know about it and it is usually hard to find a seat in the establishment. This might also be due to the fact that they are only open 4 days a week and closed every last Saturday and Sunday of the month.


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