The Christmas Stollen

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Stollen  2011 version of Oma Kaethe's Stollen recipe from1980

2011 version of Oma Kaethe's Stollen recipe from1980

What is a Christmas Stollen?

Germany’s age old answer to the American Fruit Cake is documented as far back as 1329 and is said to originate from the “Christbrot”, an Advent time fasting supplement for monks consisting of flour, yeast and water. The later addition of all the extra goodies as ingredients make them, to this day, very popular among the people with German roots all over the world.

As the Christmas tree was not decorated during my childhood years in our house till Christmas Eve and the only earlier reminder of Christmas approaching was the Advent wreath, you still knew that the Holiday was around the corner when the ingredients for cookies started to invade our kitchen. This event culminated with the annual preparation of the Christmas Stollen.