Flashmob in Bavaria

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In a recent email from a friend I received a link to a flashmob Bavarian style which I would like to share.

The performers are a group of guys from different areas of the German language regions in Europe who met in Munich and started an A Capella group.

A video of a TV show featuring this group gives you a better example of the different voices of these guys. It is an excerpt from the German musical “Elisabeth”

The featured song “Rock mi” of the above “flashmob” was originally written and performed in 1997 by the Austrian group the “Alpenrebellen” at an area TV Hit Parade show.

Here you can see the recent video of the original group, isn’t it surprising how we all age.

The official remix of the voxxclub video can also be found on YouTube

I just feel sorry for the poor Lederhosen (Leather Pants) as the one’s that I owned as a kid where worn by me when I broke through the ice in a lake and besides moldy they got so hard, that I could not wear them again and that was the beginning of my parents buying the highly anticipated jeans for me.

As good things always come in three, I would like to add another video to actually show a little glimpse of live in Bavaria and why a visit there should be part of your bucket list. This took place at 9.30 AM in the Biergarten (beer garden) of the Waldwirtschaft Groβhesselohe in Munich! Yes, that is correct 9.30 in the morning, check out all the empty beer mugs on the tables. That is life in Bavaria and part of the world famous Gemütlichkeit, which does not only happen at the Oktoberfest!

The translated lyrics for “Rock mi” can be found at

Have a wonderful Oktoberfest season wherever you live.



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