Pöhlmann’sche Gastwirtschaft, Limmersdorf

Pöhlmann’sche Gastwirtschaft, Limmersdorf An der Tanzlinde 5 95349 Thurnau Original post by H.-G. in Bayrisches Allerei There are still a few historic “Tanzlinden” left in Northern Bavaria and one of them is located in the village of Limmersdorf (Thurnau), located … Continue reading


Kirchweih commemorates the anniversary of the consecration of the local church. This festival has many dialect variations from the Swiss “Kilbi/Chilbi” to “Kermes” along parts of the Rhine to the Franken “Kerwa”. Kirchweih is in many German towns and villages, … Continue reading


There is no single English translation, so here is my attempt to explain it. Gemütlichkeit is the feeling when you experience good times, among good friends and acquaintances, relaxed and excited at the same time, some local beer, food and … Continue reading

Landgasthof Schwarzes Ross, Bad Berneck-Goldmühl

Landgasthof Schwarzes Ross Goldmühler Straße 10 – 14 95460 Bad Berneck Posted by H.-G. in Bayrisches Allerei H.-G. posting this restaurant at our German blog brought back memories of Sunday family outings when I was young. Trips to Bad Berneck … Continue reading

Home Base Schoenwald, Bavaria

Our Second Floor Gartenstrasse Condo is ready for your Vacation. To explore the Center of Europe there is nothing more convenient than our Condo in the small, quiet town of Schoenwald. Our Condo is off-the-beaten-track and quiet, but in the … Continue reading

Brauerei Greifenklau, Bamberg

Brauerei Greifenklau GmbH‎ Laurenziplatz 20 96049 Bamberg 0951 53219 Bamberg, is one of the most charming cities in the region and as I already included it in my “Things Bavarian” website (click on Bamberg at the map to go there) … Continue reading

Schnitzel, a Bavarian Favorite

This posts should not only be considered Bavarian, but is in my opinion relevant in all German speaking areas, communities and also individual homes. The most famous here would be the “Wiener Schnitzel” (Viennese Cutlet) which could be the original … Continue reading

Gasthaus “Zum Zabelstein” Steinmetz, Wohnau

submitted by H.-G. The tiny hamlet of Wohnau (population around 100) is situated at the foot of the Zabelstein, one of the mountains in the Steigerwald range. From the observation tower on top of this mountain you could say “on … Continue reading

Berggaststätte Lieberhof, Tegernsee

submitted by H.G. Overlooking the city of Tegernsee is the Berggasthof Lieberhof with an almost millenium old history. It started as the farm of the former Tegernsee Abbey which was established in the 8th century. The fantastic panoramic view from the … Continue reading