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In Bavaria a very common luncheon meat is what we would call here Souse or Head cheese. The name alone, with the added looks of it in the Deli counter, will turn off many of us who were not introduced to it in our youth.

But let’s point out one little fact, the meat in it is very coarse and usually embedded in gelatin. There is no way to hide anything in it, you see skins, which they use to produce the natural gelatin, this part is the same ingredient as the wide spread snack of fried pork rinds, besides that you will usually see meat in it, now let us grind this meat extra fine and call it bologna, which most of us eat. Do you see where I am going with this.

Now let me introduce this with a little twist to our quality control standards. Even when we had our store I was not allowed, by my wife’s orders, to use skins or any fat whatsoever. This brought about the Suelze recipe we published in Inge’s Kitchen, we also included a step by step storyboard on the website.

Want to have your first “Sausage Maker” experience? Follow the link to our Suelze and the storyboard. We included a 2 pound recipe and for the next time a 10 pound recipe as we are confident, that all your family, friends and neighbors will be standing in line for more once they had a taste of it.

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