Why visit Bavaria:

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Through movies, documentaries and even on the History channel, Bavaria is often mentioned and immediately brings to mind; beer, mountains, yodeling, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. Besides the famous tourist magnets, there are so many diverse places, things and occasions, that it is hard for us to select just a few of them that shows you why this area should be part of everybody’s travel plans. We do believe that a trip there should be included in your bucket list.

We know that some of the reasons for your first visit are to see and experience something different and new, to broaden your horizons and for some of you to connect to your roots.

We also know that you will

Come for the sights
Have a few beers
Enjoy the food
Try to find out what Gemütlichkeit is all about

and there is a great chance that while you are there you will fall in love with this region.

Traveling all over our good old USA we came across many beautiful and very imposing sights that Mother Nature has given us. We stood in awe at the grandiose Grand Canyon, traveled across the beautiful Rocky Mountains, explored many parts of the Great Smokies and experienced many other spectacular sights unique to our great country while meeting wonderful people and having a good time. But somehow a visit to Bavaria is a different experience.
Take our wide open spaces and the immense distance from east to west and compress them. Take the snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains and move them 5 times closer to the Smokies, sprinkle in some Alpine lakes and include hundreds of cities and towns, small and large with histories going back centuries before Columbus and even the Vikings reached our shores. Scatter so many places in between, that from top of any hill in the area you will always see a homestead or some other settlements, now add the feeling which no English word describes “Gemütlichkeit” and you will understand why we, besides our wonderful trips throughout North America, like to revisit Bavaria.
We do not get tired of driving through the alpine passes with the switch backs, visiting towns like Nuremberg, Regensburg, Bamberg or Munich again and again. Stepping back in time in the medieval walled cities like Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbühl, searching for charming restaurants in the countryside featuring the local food. We love to roam around the weekly markets, be it for food, drink or unique merchandise offered there or just to have a good time. Attend local festivals and other celebrations and find out more about the history of the events. We also love to revisit the castles, palaces and churches we already know and find amazing details we did not notice the first and second time around and we also try to find new and exciting places we missed before. Even visit some of the local or national museums.
We always hope to get immersed in the Gemütlichkeit which is often part of the local festivals and togetherness with friends.

Now let me bring up the biggest reason for the “Why go?” (this is our opinion, but let’s see if you agree!)

Have you ever stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon?
Have you ever seen pictures or movies of the Grand Canyon?
Have you ever been to the most amazing sight in your area?
Have you ever seen pictures or movies of the most amazing sight in your area?

Man, the pictures and movies are beautiful and very impressive, but how do they compare with your actual visit?

Attending a championship game, a concert and also fireworks in person
Watching it on TV

See the amazing Neuschwanstein castle on TV or in pictures, can you imagine how impressive it is to actually stand at the entrance and look up to the immense towers, wondering how they accomplished the feat of building the place.
See pictures of Rothenburg ob der Tauber or walking around on the city walls yourself, imagining what life was like and how you would have fit in during the medieval times.
See Hitler’s Eagles Nest or actually taking the 4 wheel drive bus and the Brass Elevator up to it and wonder what events happened here that changed history.
A visit to the Dachau memorial will give you insights and feelings you never could experience through a documentary.
Not even Tom Cruise, with all of Hollywood behind him, can bring you even close to the immense feeling you will have when you visit the places yourself.

Start planning as

Bavaria’s doors are open and their welcome mat is out!

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