Our Bavarian Top 10

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Bavaria has an almost unlimited supply of things to see and do and every region has its own charm and attractions. To actually come up with a “Top 10” list for anything there will only show the opinion of the individual author’s tastes, interests and even their hometowns. So if you should disagree with our lists, drop us a comment with your own place or occasion to include, but remember, we are trying to stay within the boundaries of Bavaria, so the city of Heidelberg, for instance, though very beautiful and charming cannot be included here.

Again the “Top 10” here is reflecting our opinion and our knowledge of the destinations. We realize that during our time there we did not visit every nook and cranny in Bavaria and we know we missed many places, so please send us a comment if you can think of something we could include, but as mentioned in our privacy policy all comments will be considered and only included at our discretion. There will also be some categories where we can not come up with a full ten items, again for those of you familiar with the area and subject, we are open to suggestions. Other categories will be very hard to limit to only ten and we might extend them.

We will try to keep the categories as specific as possible, but we realize that some places can belong to more than one list and therefore might be also included in others.

Our first list, of what we think are the top ten, will be about castles.

In the future we will add other places, subjects and occasions.


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