Sauerkraut causes Chaos in Germany!

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I have to share this one:

It happened on the Autobahn by Friedberg, north of Frankfurt and was all over the news. Click here for the original report as published by Reuters.

Frozen Sauerkraut causes chaos on Autobahn

Tuesday morning on February 7, 2012 a truck involved in an accident spilled hundreds of Sauerkraut packages all over the A5 Autobahn north of Frankfurt.

The deep freeze, Germany is in for over a week, caused the sauerkraut to freeze to the roadway in minutes, causing miles of traffic back ups and completely shut down this autobahn section for hours until they could scrape all of it away.

What a way to start your day, being stopped by sauerkraut on the way to work during the rush hour! Let’s hope your boss was stuck in it too, as he/she never would believe this excuse. Or imagine the clean up guy:”Honey, I have to hang up and start scraping sauerkraut, should I bring some home for dinner?”

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