What is a Hugo?


A drink which we were introduced to in Bavaria and we think is one of the best summer drinks we came across in a long time!

We served it a few times to our friends at our house and almost everyone requested the recipe. So we published our version of it at ingeskitchen.com.


It is a fact that the first and true Oktoberfest is celebrated annually in Munich and as the time draws near many cities, clubs and other organizations try to cash in on it’s popularity.

The day is October 17. 1810, a banker sponsored a major horse race on a meadow (Wiese) outside the walls of Munich to honor the October 12th wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Theresa. The Bavarian Royal Court, to the joy of all the inhabitants of Munich, liked this occasion so much, that it was decided to re-stage the race again the following year. This is the short version of how it all started.

Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria Princess Theresa


The Oktoberfest in Munich grew to be the most known festival and is now also the largest beer bash in the world.

More on the history at Wikipedia

As the October weather is usually kind of chilly already, the festival was shifted to the end of September with the last hurray on the first weekend in October.

What is amazing that in the 14 official big “Tents” there is a seating capacity of 77,763 inside and 26,572 outside, which brings the total up to over 104 thousand seats for thirsty souls at any time. This does not include the seats in the 21 small “Tents”.

Also notable is that you should/must get reservations to visit the tents. More information can be found at the official Oktoberfest website or for reservation information click here.


Schnitzel in Cream Sauce

Every time we stay in Bavaria we are always invited to a friend’s house for dinner. The meals his wife Heidi prepares for these occasions can only be described as “heavenly”. She makes the best Liver Dumpling Soup I ever tasted, she introduced us years ago to Ossobucco and at one of these occasions she made the “Schnitzel in Cream Sauce”.

The recipe can be found at Inge’s Kitchen

So last night we decided to make this dish for our guests. For the amount of people we served we quadrupled the recipe and served oven roasted red potatoes with it.

The great part about this recipe is that you have to make it up to two days ahead of time as it needs to marinate at least for 24 hours.

As it always is at our friend’s house, this dish was also a hit in our house. The looks of this dish might not be the greatest, but the taste of it is superb.

Now as a word of caution, this is only diet food if you just look at it and not eat it!

Herzogliches Bräustüberl, Tegernsee

Posted by H.-G. at our Bayrisches Allerlei blog.

Herzogliches Bräustüberl Tegernsee
Peter Hubert GmbH & Co. KG
Schlossplatz 1
83684 Tegernsee


Located just 30 miles south of Munich on the east shore of the Tegernsee is the monastery “Kloster Tegernsee” which includes the well known Tegernseer Brewery and the Herzogliche Bräustüberl (sorry, their website is German only but has a PDF file in English which includes their menu).

The Benedictine Abbey was founded here in 745 A.D. and the monks started a brewery in the year 1050, which includes this brewery among the oldest still in existence. In 1803, the monastery was secularized and bought by the Wittelsbach, the Bavarian Royal family, as a summer residence. The brewery is now run by a daughter of Duke Max in Bayern/Bavaria.




With their own boat dock and the Alps as picturesque back drop, it is a popular destination for a day trip.




The selection here, besides the excellent Bavarian beer(s), includes the traditional Bavarian Schmankerln and Brotzeiten as listed on their English Menu. For some pictures of their mouth watering dishes click here.

A visit here is a must for our reviewer H.-G. when he is roaming around in this area.

Worth mentioning: Two things I found at their German only website, they have their own hot air balloon for rent and I also found Tandem Paragliding is offered in their shop.



Bavaria and the USA

.Bavaria is alive and well here in the USA!


.Many of the things which are very common to us do find their way back to Bavaria.

As the spaghetti did not originate in Italy, but is completely associated and intertwined with the Italian culture so are many things, which might or might not have originated in Bavaria, still attributed to this region.

  • Walt Disney took his vision of the Sleeping Beauty castle from King Ludwig II’s fairy tale Neuschwanstein castle.

  • The popular, world famous Czech Pilsner style beer was “invented” by the Bavarian Master Brewer Josef Groll.
  • Bier/beer in general, though not invented there, was popularized by the Bavarian people all over world and the world’s oldest brewery can still be found there.

Photo downloaded from the official Weihenstephan website

  • Beersteins are definitely associated with Bavaria.

  • The Weisswurst, invented in Munich, or their cousins the Bratwurst and Knackwurst which where surely refined there.


  • The Alpine architecture found in quite a few American towns like Frankenmuth, Michigan; Helen, Georgia; Gatlinburg, Tennessee just to name a few.
  • and also the most wide spread of all original Bavarian festivals “The Oktoberfest” is copied all over our good ole USA.
  • The world wide famous picture by Albrecht Dürer from Franconia, which is now part of Bavaria

  • Here is a famous song from a composer well remember from his life in Bavaria

 written by Richard Wagner

The cultural heritage is kept alive here by the North American Gauverband and is represented here in the Detroit area by “G.T.E.V. Edelweiss“.


Gasthof Neuwirt, Garching b. München

Posted by H.-G. at our Bayrisches Allerlei blog.

Gasthof Neuwirt Garching
Münchener Str.10
85748 Garching

At the northern edge of the Bavarian Capitol Munich is the town of Garching within easy reach of the “Allianz Arena“, the home of the legendary FC Bayern Munich soccer club.

After a home game H.-G. likes to include a visit at the Gasthof Neuwirt Garching. (Their website is at this point only in German, with an English version under construction)






The “Gasthaus” with excellent Bavarian Cuisine, a delightful beer garden and a well-kept, historic restaurant, is also a nice place to spend the night. It is family owned and operated for over 100 years.

Bavarian Ham Hock



Franken Wine and Meter Bratwurst

This article is dedicated to the nice people at the VGem Kitzingen, the official association of five villages around the city of Kitzingen.

In my article Bratwurst Mecca Franken I used some pictures from local, mostly German, websites and trying not to infringe on their copyright I made sure to email them for permission to use their pictures.

The okay to use the picture of the Sulzfelder Meterbratwurst came today from an official of the above mentioned association of municipalities and to my surprise the email also had two more pictures attached with a note that these were selected by the First Mayor himself for the use on our blog.

So let me again introduce to you the exceptional wine of the region, the Frankenwein.

According to the German author Stefan Andres in his book “The Great Wines of Germany” the making of wine in the Franken region goes back to the rule of Charlemagne and as the Romans were never able to conquer this region, the introduction of the wine here was of Germanic origin. The shape of the bottles, the “Bocksbeutel” though not 100% unique to this region is used for these high quality mostly dry white wines. There is more information at Wikipedia.

And the sausage which attracts people from near and far: The famous Sulzfelder Meterbratwurst.

Let me just clear this up, that here we are talking of the village of Sulzfeld located on the banks of the River Main just south of the city of Kitzingen. The location is marked on our Google map linked on our front page.

I still have a couple of “Bocksbeutel” left in my somewhat meager wine collection and I do believe that one of them will lose it’s cork this weekend. As I did not get a chance to make some of my own Bratwurst, looking at the appetizing picture of the Meterbratwurst and Sauerkraut caused my mouth to water profoundly and with it came the yearning to be there.

Festivals in Sulzfeld dedicated to the wine are the Wine Days during the third weekend of July and the traditional Street Wine festival on the first weekend of August.






Are you a Bayer?

Even if this will not influence in any way your political rights and does not have any practical uses anymore except maybe as part of your pride, the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria (page 4) from 1946 still states in Article 6 that you will be a Bavarian Citizen thru

  1. Birth
  2. Legitimation
  3. Marriage
  4. Naturalization

It further states that this citizenship can not be denounced and that it includes anybody over the age of 18.

It also states that a law about this citizenship will work out the details. My online research could not find the content of this law.

Now here is my take on this:

In taking the oath to be an American citizen we gave up our German one but according to this Article 6 Paragraph 2 our pride to be “official” Bavarians, can never be taken away. As this does not say that you have to live within the state and as you are a born Bavarian your husband/wife will also become a citizen and going one step further so will your kids at their 18th birthday through “Legitimation” (however we will translate this term).

Granted, this constitution was written before the birth of the “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Federal Republic of Germany) of which Bavaria is now a part of, but it is still nice to know that we still belong.


So I will drink to that with a hearty Prosit!


Tourist magnets:

Many of the locations in Bavaria are famous world wide and be it for their beauty, magnitude or history have to be included in a visit to this region. We call them the tourist magnets, as these really draw the visitors. Expect delays of even hours when you visit them and many even need an appointment and a scheduled time.


These include:

  • Neuschwanstein
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • The Romantic Road
  • Hitler’s Eagles Nest
  • The original Hofbräuhaus
  • The many sights of the Alps
  • Oberammergau
  • The infamous Dachau memorial
  • The sites of Pope Benedict
  • The Oktoberfest in Munich
  • The Christmas market in Nuremberg
  • The Herrenchiemsee palace

just to name a few, as this list goes on and on. These are places made famous by travel logs, pictures, events and many by history. You can see pictures of them all over the Internet and there is so much written about them, that we will rather link to their English web sites, than boring you with details of our own.

We really do think, that you should visit and experience these locations, as there is a reason for their popularity.

Please refer to the

Discover Bavaria

Meet the Region, Towns and Places

pages of our ggmtours.com website for more information.

The Dirndl and the Lederhosen

If you think of Bavaria, pictures of girls dressed in Dirndls and guys in Lederhos’n come to mind.

So before I started this blog I wrote an article on my “Things Bavarian” webpages about the subject of “Why they dress the way they dress“. As this one was written and published quite awhile ago please read on at the link.

Why they dress the way they dress